Anti-Odor Workout Clothes: Look Fresh and Smell Fresher with PROTX2®

Anti-Odor Workout Clothes: Look Fresh and Smell Fresher with PROTX2® - VERZUS ALL Apparel

The power of innovation: VERZUS ALL's PROTX2® Anti-Odor Workout Clothes. Embrace your active side!

The smell of sweat and perspiration, especially after a workout, sports, hiking, or just a long day at work, can make anyone feel uneasy. It's inevitable; when we lead active lives, collective moisture and odors become an issue. Of course, nobody wants to be known as "the one who smells." The quest for fresh-smelling clothes has led to countless laundry days, frequent washing, and even harsh chemicals designed to mask odors. Isn't there a better way? 


Introducing VERZUS ALL and our game-changing PROTX2® technology, the eco-friendly, anti-microbial, anti-odor technology that keeps you smelling fresh, no matter how hard you work or play. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers with active lifestyles, PROTX2® is revolutionizing the way we deal with sweaty, stinky gym clothes. 









The science behind VERZUS ALL's game-changing PROTX2® anti-odor, anti-microbial technology

Many antimicrobial, odor-fighting fabrics involve harsh chemicals or metal fibers that can irritate the skin or harm the environment. With PROTX2®, the focus is on eliminating the odor-causing bacteria in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way, without the use of silver or copper. 


PROTX2® technology works at a molecular level to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. As you wear your clothing, moisture activates the anti-microbial action, effectively eliminating odor-causing bacteria without the need for harmful chemicals. PROTX2® forms a protective layer on the fabric that neutralizes odors and prevents stink-causing bacteria from growing, so your clothes stay fresher, longer. 

Gym clothes that let you sweat more, wash less, and smell fresher, longer

Adding VERZUS ALL to your gym wardrobe can reduce laundry loads by up to 20%, so you can sweat more, wash less, and smell fresher, longer. You can cut down on water and electricity usage, and save time and money, all by sweating with VERZUS ALL! 


The anti-odor power of PROTX2® is a game-changer for anyone who leads an active lifestyle, and a must-have for eco-conscious consumers. Now you can stay fresh and smell great with 100% confidence! 


Whether you're heading to the gym, going out for a run, or just running errands around town, don't let odor stop you in your tracks. Discover the power of PROTX2® anti-odor technology with VERZUS ALL. Sweat more, wash less, and smell better - now that's innovation! 

Anti-microbial, anti-odor fabric that doesn't contain metals or harsh chemicals


Wash Less: With the added protection of PROTX2® technology, your clothes stay fresher for longer, reducing the need for frequent laundering. Cutting down on wash days saves time, water and energy, making it kinder to the environment, and your pocket. 


Sustainable: To ensure a sustainable future for our planet, VERZUS ALL doesn't rely on metal threads that harm the environment. Our PROTX2® technology is an eco-conscious, highly effective anti-odor treatment that does not contain silver or copper, making it a more sustainable option than traditional solutions that wear off quickly or require re-application. 


Skin-Friendly: Traditional anti-microbial activewear sometimes uses harsh chemicals or damaging metals that are hard on sensitive skin. VERZUS ALL's anti-odor workout clothes are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Our incredible PROTX2® anti-microbial technology is gentle on your skin, and your nostrils. 

Stylish and Comfortable Everyday Athleisure Wear

VERZUS ALL has expertly incorporated PROTX2® technology into its range of stylish athletic wear, like the Results T-Shirt for Men and Results T-Shirt for Women. These versatile pieces work equally well for workouts, sports, and outdoor activities or simply as stylish everyday wear, taking your fashion game to another level.


Made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and anti-odor PROTX2® technology, you can now focus on your active lifestyle, feeling fresh, stylish, and comfortable no matter where life takes you. 

Ready to Experience the PROTX2® Difference?

VERZUS ALL's PROTX2® technology offers an unparalleled level of protection against odor. From t-shirts and tank tops to leggings and shorts, you'll stay fresh and stylish with VERZUS ALL: the eco-friendly, sustainable, and stylish way to eliminate odors in your clothing and footwear.


Shop PROTX2® to look fresh, and smell fresher with VERZUS ALL's amazing anti-microbial, anti-stink technology. Check out the VERZUS ALL Results T-Shirt for Men and the Results T-Shirt for Women for the ultimate solution in anti-odor, fast-drying athletic wear.