We make a conscious effort to improve the sustainability of our textile technologies by removing any harmful chemicals - all for a better tomorrow. That means no Silver, PFA’s (Polyfluorinated Substances) or PFC’s (Perfluorinated Chemicals) which are all considered “forever chemicals”.

Fortunately, we have developed textile technologies that reduce the need to launder frequently. Overall, lessening the need to wash creates a more sustainable experience and product! Through extensive research, we discovered that consumers are modernizing their laundering habits and have moved to short-cycle, cold-water washes to save on energy and reduce wear and tear on clothing and other fabrics.

Becoming more intentional in our habits, understanding the way we operate and create products all while learning how to extend the life of our products, we too play a part in the impact and are committed to continuously push efforts to being more sustainable.


PFA’s (Polyfluorinated Substances) and PFC’s (Perfluorinated Chemicals) are classified as “forever chemicals” due to their inability to break down once they enter our ecosystems through the manufacturing and laundering processes of clothing these harmful chemicals can unfortunately get into the environment’s water systems affecting your home, damaging the earth, animals and your health.

One of the most common anti-odour technologies involves the use of silver fibres woven into fabrics. These fibres leach into our ecosystems during the manufacturing and laundering processes and nearly impossible to destroy. Unfortunately, many consumers are unaware of the impact of what leaches out during laundering, leading to the destruction of our ecosystems.

VERZUS ALL Technologies are made without harsh PFA’s and PFCs and for good reason.We believe in a better tomorrow by providing textile technologies that you can feel good about wearing. A better tomorrow begins with companies that care about our future. We are committed to offering the best products for our consumers and the environment.


Since the inception of VERZUS ALL TECHWEAR we have been dedicated to developing products that function not only when you first buy it but also last so you can fully enjoy the benefits. With our years of experience we are able to bring you the most innovative technologies and fabrics that are created to work for you, everyday.

We have longstanding relationships with organizations that provide optimal working conditions that are verified by accreditations from certified organizations around the world. With our on-site employees overseeing daily practices, we can ensure that our quality standards are being met and we can continuously provide quality products that will last you though the seasons.